Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cause to celebrate!

I panicked. I overreacted. Just ask Rick. He'll be happy to validate that.

Rick's hands have been trembling of late. Tremoring, if you will. And given my brother's history of Parkinson's Disease, it's understandable how I would panic. And I did. And I rushed him off to the doctor on Friday to see if my worst nightmare was about to come true.

And you know what? It isn't!

I secretly hoped that the doctor would take one look at Rick and say, "Nope. That's from one of his meds." But I suspected that the doctor would put Rick through a battery of tests. And maybe in a week or two we'd know that answer.

But the doctor is obviously a better man than I. That ol' doctor took one look at Rick and made my secret desire come true. IT WAS HIS MEDICINE! It didn't take the doctor but ten seconds to tell me to calm down... that it was all good.

And it was all good.

Yep, just a med thing. And Rick was given the choice to go off the medicine, taper down the medicine or stay on it. And our hearty little group all agreed to continue the medicine that so nicely prevents seizures. Even if it does cause tremors. And Rick was the most onboard with the results.

So, here's to you Parkinsons! You didn't claim another victim!

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