Friday, January 23, 2009

My friend Chuck...

... is in a pickle.

If you happen to be up for some praying, I'd love to tell Chuck that I helped. Well, not that I helped... but some friends of mine helped.

Chuck writes:

i have a job interview today…

and a flat tire on my car so this is all the blog post anyone is going to get.
prayers would be appreciated.

Ready, set, go!


Unknown said...

I got into a car accident before my IndyMac Bank interview. I hit a garbage truck. If a city vehicle is involved in a car accident you have to call the police and they must survey the "damage" before all parties can move along.

Well, we waited THREE HOURS until someone finally got smart and said, "Let's call the police again."

And you know what?? Seems there was no record of our first call.

I was sitting in my car SOBBING at my 4th accident in two years. Plus I was missing my job interview.

So they rescheduled.

And I got the job.

(The they laid me off, I gained 30 pounds, I got sick, went on State Disability, lost my apartment ... well, you know the rest!)

Anonymous said...