Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Extended Nightmares

In order to have a four day weekend, I had to work extra long this past Thursday ... well into the night.

And, because I worked well into the night on Thursday, I got to take Friday off in addition to Monday.

And because of all that, I found myself in Austin, Texas this weekend. Not that I'm any too fond of Austin but it was a good stopping point on our way to Fredericksburg, a little German town that my husband was dying to visit over my four day break.

That all being said... what I really wanted to point out was that we made a pit stop in Waco, on the way down to Austin which was on the way to Fredericksburg. Have you ever noticed that the Kahles just can not drive a straight shot anywhere? Yep, we have to stop at every rest stop and every Sonic on the way.

And every Extended Stay. Hotel. Extended Stay Hotel. Ooh, I had hoped I wouldn't use those words again in my lifetime.

Waco has an Extended Stay in it. Waco is where my former boss has moved to. Waco's Extended Stay is where he has now landed as the General Manager.

Why did I stop there? Just to say hi.

And that would have been fine and dandy if the visit had ended there. But it didn't. Nope. Instead he had to give me the grand tour. Of the rooms. Of the lobby. Of the front desk. Wait... I was sensing something here... and I quickly needed to run. But I didn't.

I stayed around long enough to learn that the hotel - due to the recession - is about to go out of business. My heart broke. Just kidding. I did learn though, that my boss is seeking to move back to Dallas.

Oh oh. I need to get an unlisted number. Seriously.

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