Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Okay, what are the odds?

I sell on ebay. I LOVE to sell on ebay. And this past week I was quite busy unloading, I mean selling some items that I had no more use for.

One such item: my World Series Dodger ticket stub from the game that Kirk Gibson hit a home run and saved the day. It was 1988, October I believe, and I've hung onto this ticket for all these years, waiting for it to become valuable.

And it did.

And I listed it on ebay. I hated to part with it, but the time just seemed right.

And the bidding began. One week later, we had a winner. Oddly enough, it was a man from the city that I used to work in... San Gabriel. Odd. But not that odd, because Dodger Stadium isn't all that far from San Gabriel. And, after all, I used to live near there. It wasn't like I was living in Texas back then.

So bidding ends and I have to part with my beloved ticket that I've had all these years.

I packaged up my ticket, prepared it for mailing and sadly said goodbye to it. Then I hit the computer to get the lucky buyer's address to send the ticket to.

And I couldn't believe my eyes. The buyer was someone I worked with at San Gabriel Unified. What the heck were the odds?

And you know what? It's not so hard parting with the ticket now. Okay, it is. But at least I know where it is...

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