Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Californians.... yeesh.

Sittin' here in our media room watching a movie with some friends... We, the Californians and they, the Texans.

All of a sudden, I get a phone call. From my sister in law. Asking if I was ready for the storm that was approaching.

Heck yeah. It's only a rainstorm. Bring it on.

My sister in law says, "Well, we are under a tornado watch now. And the TV is announcing that your city is next."

Hmmmm... Tornado watch. Watch. Still not enough to send me into hiding.

However, my sister in law's second phone call did rattle my cage a little. And I headed upstairs to the movie watchers to announce that we were about to be pummeled. And that we should clean out our little "shelter" under the stairs. And that maybe we should think about going into it.

And you know what the folks upstairs did? They laughed at me.

"You Californians. Letting a little ol' tornado scare you."

And I thought up my best quip and said, "Oh, yeah?"

Hey, their tornados got nothin' on our earthquakes, baby. But I don't take either lightly.

But they continued to laugh.

So here I sit. Downstairs. By myself. Trying to decide if I would be a laughing stock if I hid in my little storm closet or not.

And then the most amazing thing happened. People suddenly began running from my media room... downstairs... and out of my house.

Why, you ask? Those ol' tornado sirens began going off. Blaring loudly. Warning everyone that they needed to be prepared.


Even the most Texasiest Texan's hair begins to stand up when those sirens go off.

Pischaw. Tornados. Heck, you ain't seen nothin' until you've lived through an earthquake.

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