Monday, February 9, 2009

What, are you crazy?

Liz and her boyfriend are going through some struggles. They will triumph, but only because I am here to intervene. And patch up. And soothe. And serve them cupcakes. Yep, my oil-less cupcakes.

Tonight Elizabeth got a good talking to - by me - about how wrong she was in assuming that the boyfriend had done something wrong when he hadn't. And I coached her on how to make things better... take him some cupcakes.

And she did. She packed up five of those beautiful little oil-free creations... along with an apology note... and off she went to deliver them to his doorstep. Not only will it soothe the savage beast, but it will get five of them out of my kitchen. Plus, I hear it's the way to a man's heart. It's certainly the way to my heart. However, I prefer my cupcakes a little moister.

Anyway, before Elizabeth packed them up for their journey to the boyfriend's house... she decided to taste one first. Against my better judgement. I held my breath.

And you know what she did?

She squealed. "Mom! These are great! I love them!"

Ya just never know.

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