Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's another tip...

As the date for my daughter's prom neared, we realized that she needed some new shoes to go with her new dress. We also realized that we should take care of it immediately. Seeing as the prom is THIS weekend. THIS COMING WEEKEND. And since there was no better time, why not go now? Right now! Because I certainly didn't have anything else to do. I never do.

So off we went. First stop: Payless. I rushed her up and down all the aisles and since she didn't see anything she liked, I rushed her out of the store.

Next Stop: Kohl's. Straight to the shoe department. And yes, she saw thee very pair that she felt would be perfect for her new dress. She just had to have that pair.

"Try them on," I yelled... trying to hurry her up. Because it truly was a busy day for me. I mean, Dancing With The Stars was almost on, for heaven's sake... and so my dear, bright, always amusing daughter grabbed the display shoe and ran to a nearby chair.

Then I saw her try to cram her foot into the display model. Then I saw her run back to the display shelf and start to look for her size.

I was still laughing as I gave her a tip. Yes, another tip. "It helps if you try on the one that fits. Stores do that. They sometimes sell shoes in more than one size."

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