Monday, March 30, 2009

I never knew...

My daughter is paid well... and then again, she isn't. Did anyone know this? I sure didn't. Okay, I knew... but I didn't really know this.

Waitresses are paid poorly. True, they get tips... good tips... but it's their salary I'm talking about. I ASSUMED they made minimum wage. I assumed wrong. Isn't minimum wage the lowest legal amount someone can be paid? I guess not.

Elizabeth is earning $2.13 an hour.... AN HOUR!... as a waitress. A.N. H.O.U.R.!

I have a completely new respect for waiters and waitresses and I now know why they LIVE for their tips. Elizabeth included. And she's told me about all of the "back" work she does after the restaurant closes. All for $2.13 an hour. $2.13 AN HOUR!!!!

Geesh. She almosts makes what I make.

P.S. Don't tell Liz I told y'all. She wants everyone to think she makes at least $2.15 an hour.

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