Saturday, March 28, 2009

And speaking of tips...

My daughter came home from the restaurant last night after having waited on a party of 24. She must've done okay because she flashed a lot (A LOT!) of money at me saying they tipped her very well. There was a $50 bill in the lot. Did I mention that my daughter loves being a waitress?

And to think I'd had college plans for her... What was I thinking? Her future is all set.

Anyway, she counted out nearly $300 to me and we sat down right then and there and planned out her funds. And her debts. And where the money should go. And how soon she would have her debt to me paid off. She's been making payments to me over the last two months for the $258 she's owed me for a few small things like... say... that car accident? And that overdrawn bank account? Those would be two of her debts.

So, since she only owed me $73 now, she handed me that in cash... and then seeing such a surplus, she began to figure out her tithing. I coached her that 'tithing' mean't 10%... and what she would give to God was really his all along anyway. She was really just giving back to God.

10% of her current income was $28. But Liz didn't have $28 readily available. It was either a twenty and a ten or six fives. No ones in the group. She decided that God could have $30, instead of $28, because it was after all, his money anyway. And $25.00 just didn't seem like enough.

She smiled when she showed me her $30. I asked if she'd like for me to change the ten or one of her fives so that she could tithe the exact amount... and she said no.

"God deserves a tip, too."

"To insure prompt service?" I chuckled at the thought of God putting his extra money into his apron. Hey, I guess it's okay to tip God, too.

And now I get it... I have to TIP my daughter better to get better service out of her. Harumph. Took me this long to figure out that I could BUY my way to having a cleaner house...

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