Thursday, March 26, 2009


At the request of a certain waitress at a certain restaurant, Rick and I headed back to that place that had that new waitress... that cute new waitress who's claim to fame is that she dumped four glasses of water on four different customers all on the same night. But not on us. Fortunately.

We went anyway. We liked the food. Until tonight.

What are the odds we'd get that same waitress? Okay, pretty good. And yes, we did. She's up to five tables now... so we had a bit of competition. We had to fight for attention. And yes, we needed her attention. More than once.

I ordered something new... Rick stuck to his usual shrimp and french fries dish. I should've stuck to my standards... but NO... I had to go and try something new. I ordered the turkey melt. I failed to note that the turkey melt comes on rye bread. I hate rye bread. Almost as much as I hate black licorice... and what a coincidence, they taste about the same. However, I was pretty impressed that the waitress did get me the sandwich I ordered. Given the codes that she had to learn to tell the cooks exactly what it was I wanted...

Anyway, my sandwich came... complete with rye bread. But never fear, because my waitress offered to switch it out. I'm still waiting.

Rick is still waiting for his mayo for his fries. And his dinner salad. I imagine it'll show up sometime tomorrow.

His potato soup did a repeat performance of the other night. It hid itself until we were nearly ready to leave...

And the other four tables around us? I hope they got their food... because their waitress was working exclusively at our table... trying to get our order all put together.

We will return to that restaurant... if nothing else but to marvel at the progress our little waitress makes each time we come in.

I wonder if it would be tacky to request a new waitress...

Oh, and the tip? Rick suggested we tip her big to try to encourage her to get the food orders right. And quick. I mean, doesn't "tips" stand for "to insure prompt service?" I was always taught that it did. So Rick wanted to give her $15. To insure prompt service.

I upped her to $1.65 I was feeling generous. And hey, she'd earned it. I hope she doesn't spend it all in one place!

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