Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mission Trip

Galveston, Texas - Spring Break 2009

Mission: Make the church inhabitable again.

Hurricane Ike hit this little church pretty hard... and that was their mission. To restore the Sunlight Baptist Church. Not that it hadn't been usable. It was. God continued to be present in the little church no matter what condition it was in. But the youth from Preston Ridge Baptist Church knew they could make it better.

Reverend Tryon. The pastor who was beyond grateful. His little church was being restored.

And the kids worked.

My kid worked. In fact, that's my kid there. Below. On the ladder. I wish she'd work this hard at home...

The rooms began to take shape again.

Asbestos was all around. Masks were required.

I'm now requiring Elizabeth wear one at home, too. It has nothing to do with asbestos. It has everything to do with peace and quiet though. Duct tape works good too, I hear.

Liz thought she was at Curves. Liz made sure everyone did their push ups first.

They pulled quite a lot of debris out of the little church. Liz' bedroom looks like this all the time.

The gang and their debris. A proud moment...

Liz' friend Kyndra. Kyndra appears to be taking a break. Get up, Kyndra.

Liz' friend Jesse. Jesse must have an itch. Asbestos will do that to you.

Liz and Kyndra. Kyndra is still sitting down. Kyndra now has convinced Liz to sit down, too.

IS THAT A BEACH?????????? IS THAT WATER??????????
I've got to get myself to Galveston...

Even this bird flew down to Galveston to go to the beach. I must be the only one in Texas that didn't know there was a beach nearby. Just a mere 7 hours away. Pishaw.

Hey kids, the little church thanks all of you. You done good.

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