Monday, March 2, 2009

It's....... A GIRL!

"Huh?" you ask. "Who?"

Well, me. In a way... Oh, close your mouths, everyone. I'm too old. But I did have a transformation, today.

I overheard Elizabeth telling a friend of hers that her mom (me) was not a girlie girl, but more of a tomboy. Ouch. And then I took a long look at myself and discovered that she was completely wrong. She couldn't be more wrong. These overalls I'm wearing? Very girlie. Because I'm wearing them with my 5" stalettos. It's a good look.

But that's not what she was talking about I'm sure.

Okay, so I don't have the hippest hair style, the longest nails, the best eye makeup nor the plumpest lips. I don't really wear those 5 inch heels anymore, either. And, I do not have the same strut that I did in my twenties.

But a tomboy? Oh come on. And never mind that I just wound up on the ground at TGI Friday's, either. Nope. I had to show my daughter that she was wrong. Dead wrong.

So I had an idea today. I'd start with my hands and make them girlie. And I headed to the nearest nail salon.

$60 later, I'm sporting some pink and white french style nails and I can barely type tonight. In fact, I can barely do anything. But hey... my hands now belong to a girl. Sure hope I don't get an itch.

Next up? Pearls. I'll add those to my attire. They'll look good with my overalls. And my sneakers.

I had to give up the stalettos after... well, you know... that little tumble I took. Yep, I really am a tomboy. I just proved Elizabeth's point.


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