Sunday, March 1, 2009


As you know, Rick takes a spill every now and again. Sometimes he stumbles, sometimes he outright falls and lands on his you-know-what.

And what do I do? I help him up. And am I cheerful about it. Nope. In fact, it usually ticks me off that he isn't more careful. Yep, I get mad. And sometimes I scold him. Translated - sometimes I yell at him. A lot. And then we move on.

And as the title suggests... sometimes turnabout's fair play.

Tonight was one such night.

I got out of my car. Since it was chilly, I tried to put on my coat. I diverted my eyes to... oh, I don't know... anywhere but where I should've been looking and I missed - completely missed - the GIANT curb thing that I parked my car against. What the heck are those things called anyway?

And yes, I stumbled. And I regained my balance quickly only to have my feet rebel and propel me forward. Thinking I was saved from hitting the pavement, I tried to turn back to Rick when again, my feet rebelled and threw me to the ground. Hard. Very hard.

Fortunately there was a nice little patch of grass that I landed on. Because I did land on it.

We were at TGI Fridays, in their parking lot, so fortunately no one saw... or so I thought. But I was wrong. A lady came running from somewhere to help me up and the manager of TGI Friday's came out to see if I was okay as well. And I was, but I was horribly embarrassed.

At least no one in the restaurant saw. I knew this to be true because their windows were darkened. I couldn't see in so obviously no one could see out. Isn't that good logic?

Once up on my feet, I entered the restaurant quickly, hoping to put the whole incident behind me. Rick strolled in after me and guess what he was doing? He was laughing at me. I mean REALLY laughing. Isn't he nice?

But he wasn't the only one. Remember those darkened windows? That I couldn't see in? Well, that did not mean that no one could see out. Way too many waiters said to me, "Are you alright?" And way too many restaurant patrons all turned to look, too. One even pointed.

And Rick? He said the nicest thing of all... "That was funny."

Glad I could entertain you.

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