Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ah, memories

So it's been exactly a year since that memorable ambulance ride to Centennial Medical Center when I threw out my back… doing nothing. The memory of that very long week spent in bed recuperating has not left me yet. Neither has the numbness that settled into my left thigh.

One year later, I still do not have feeling in my upper thigh. I guess that means that whatever got pinched is still pinched. There’s no pain, though. Or weakness. Just pinchedness.

During that very fun week, we also had to meet with H&R Block to clear up some messy IRS tax stuff. I was in severe pain with my back and H&R Block saw to it that I had some brain pain as well.

And, uh, one year later, we are just as tardy at getting our taxes prepared. We just finished. But hey, we made it. No problem.

Following those two events, I then got to have a colonscopy. That was also a highlight in my life. Believe it or not, I still haven’t recovered from that procedure, either. Cleaning out my colon caused my entire digestive tract to rebel. It did not like the new high fiber diet and let me know so. We are still trying to find a good alternative.

I’m also still not recovered from some dental work I had done over Spring Break. Four teeth were fixed and they are just fine… but my jaw isn’t. I can barely open it. Barely eat. Rick says it’s a blessing. Rick doesn’t know that I’ve saved up all of my thoughts and comments for him for when my jaw does feel better. I’ve got lots to say to him.

I called the dentist to ask why my jaw won’t open properly and why I’m still in excruciating pain. The dentist said two things: 1) you have probably never had your jaw open for that long (3 hours, 25 minutes) or 2) you are old. You don’t heal as quickly as you used to.

I have lots to say to that dentist as well. Just as soon as my jaw feels better.

It’s been an interesting year. It’s been a fun year. Okay, so it’s only been an interesting year.

And I’m not finished yet. This old body needs some more work. I've now got some surgery scheduled to remove some unneeded parts… I wonder how long it’ll take me to heal from that… since I’m old.

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