Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Honking Contest

At about 9:30, we got a call from Elizabeth that she wasn't feeling well and was leaving work early. And since she was dizzy and didn't feel well, would I come pick her up?

Well, sure. So I grabbed Rick, threw him into the car and we both headed to The Cotton Patch Cafe. Of course, all that happened after I spent five minutes trying to figure out just how to get there in one car and get her home, while getting her car home, too. That's when Rick got grabbed. I grabbed him gently. Not to worry.

We picked up our daughter (who was most likely suffering from 'did-too-much-on-the-weekend-itis') and brung her home. Then, I sent Rick off in his car and I drove Liz home in her car. I was proud that I had figured out how to finagle all the cars in this story.

All was well until we closed in on our house and saw Rick.... at somebody else's house. He pulled into the driveway, their driveway, and parked. He turned off his lights and began to get out of his car.

I beeped my horn. He beeped his horn. But he didn't budge. So I honked more. He honked more. I honked louder. He LAID ON HIS HORN.

He won the contest. Thinking someone was just harassing him, he was very proud that he had won the honking contest. It was dark so I'll never know if he flipped me off, too. Probably.

Laughing, I headed on to OUR house, just four houses down. Rick got out of his car and proceeded up the driveway. THE NEIGHBOR'S DRIVEWAY!!

I should've let him go inside...

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