Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm very sad...

My friend Nancy has had a very rough time with her cancer. She's a vibrant, 51 year old who has never smoked... yet was diagnosed two years ago with lung cancer.

After her doctor found something suspicious in her uterus and gave her a total hysterectomy, it was then that the lung cancer was discovered. And then spot after spot after spot was found, all over the place, all cancerous.

Nancy's lungs, bones, pelvic area, lymph nodes, liver and brain are all affected. But she continues to fight and she continues to keep a positive, upbeat attitude. I'm not sure I could.

This news came a few weeks ago:

Hi everyone,

Here is the latest on my health. I had results of another scan yesterday that wasn't pretty. I have been struggling with pneunonia so the oncologist has been watching my lungs. Yesterday he said it's hard for him to tell what's going on in my lungs from the latest scan because there is liquid in the left one. Not sure why. The scan also showed growth in the cancer in my liver so the doctor is wanting me to start a new chemo. He has it scheduled for April 14 which gives me time to check in with the acupuncturist and find out why that hasn't been working.

I also had another appointment with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday because I'm still having pain in my shoulder (although reduced) after a cortisone shot. He thinks there may be a tear in my rotator cuff so I will have an MRI on the 6th. So Monday I woke up with a kink in my hip which has slowly gotten worse and today I can hardly walk. Yesterday, my doctor said he didn't know whether I injured it, and it will clear up, or it's pain from the cancer in my bones. I'm voting for the first one. I also have pain in my knee and the ortho will do an MRI on that Monday as well. Yes, I am falling apart!

Sounds like the diary of an 80 year old woman!!

In any case, it will all be ok. I will get through this.


Then THIS update came on 4/8/09 and I was beyond amazed. Certainly pleased and nothing short of grateful:

Update - 4/8/09:

I got results from my MRIs this morning. Nothing extra wrong with my shoulder - just a big piece of calcium. He gave me another cortisone shot and we will watch it. My knee is arthritis. It only hurts me if I bump it or kneel on it. He said I am getting away with very little pain because of my size. He said if I were a larger woman I would be in a lot of pain. I'm very thankful. He called me "slight." I like him.

Update today - 4/11/09:

I'm doing terrible yesterday and today. I only made it to work for 2 hours then had to come home. I can't get my breath, have no energy, and can't move. All I'm doing is sleeping and watching tv. I'm attempting a few minutes up at my computer right now. Stinks.

To all my praying buddies and prayer warriors... I'm petitioning you. I'm unable to get out to CA see Nancy until June so I'm having to send my prayers long distance...

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