Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our first Prom...

Our first heart attack...

Whoo boy. Got up early this morning to work out, only to be met with Elizabeth's "to do" list for me today. It's Prom Night, you know. And if you hadn't known, my daughter would have reminded you. All the time, every day, every moment. Sigh. Prom. Who in the world invented Prom...

1st up: Get myself to WalMart/Target/Anywhere to get some corrugated ribbon, a hook and eye and some black thread. I've got to fix the rabbit fur cape I gave her. It normally goes over the head and covers the shoulders. However, my darling daughter decided YESTERDAY to get herself an "up do" thus causing the cape to not fit... over those curls on the top of her head. I now have to transform the 'over the head' cape into a Batman style cape to fly around on her back.

* Note * My darling daughter has not even made the appointment to get her hair done.

2nd up: Could I accompany my darling daughter to her hair appointment today? I need to pick her up at 12:05 (she gets off work at 12:00) and drive her there... even though she has not made an appointment but is sure she will get one... somewhere... at exactly 12:10. Because that's what fits into her schedule.

Simple as that.

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