Saturday, April 4, 2009


... and all is well. Exhausted, but well.

Drove to Joanne's fabric for the ribbon, bought ribbon, drove to child's work, picked child up from work, drove child to hair appointment, left child there, drove to Sam Moon (purse store) to pick up forgotten evening purse that I no longer own (I don't ever go anywhere nice) so I could not lend to her, bought it, picked child up from hair salon, drove child to get lunch, left child at restaurant so I could drive to grocery store for forgotten boutineer (too bad they only had pink left!), bought it, picked child up at restaurant, drove child to get make up done, drove child back home to pick up forgotten make up, drove child back to get make up done.

Sat for 30 minutes while child got make up done.

Drove child home to get car, followed child to place where limo would be returning child at 12:45 AM so that her car would be there for her, drove child back home. Completely forgot to transform cape.

Gave up.

And here we sit waiting for the doorbell to ring.

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