Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What a fun day..

...I had yesterday.

It was step two in the process leading up to some surgery that I'm going to have. I wasn't going to mention it but since I forgot to cut my armband off and it's hitting the keyboard everytime I type a B, I will. You might be wondering why some words with 'b's in them suddenly don't.

First of all, the procedure I'm desiring is called an 'ablation'. Part of my insides need to be removed and I'll let you google the definition if you want to know more about it.

I waited twelve weeks for the consultation for the procedure. And I truly believed it would be just that. A consultation. And that I would learn exactly when I could have my... procedure! I was very wrong. I usually am. THAT appointment was a full scale pelvic exam which still did not give me the answers I wanted. All that exam told me was that I was a candidate to go further into the process. I did it on my lunch hour, too. Because I knew it was just a consultation. Yeah, just what I wanted to do on my lunch hour.

Yesterday's appointment was actually at a hospital. And this time I knew what was coming. And yes, it was another full scale pelvic exam. Whee. But it was really a sonogram. On the belly and then inside as well. This exam allows me to move to the next stage... the biopsy.

No details. Just know that I had to hold 32 oz. of water for the sonogram. And I failed. Oh I held my water but my bladder still wasn't full enough for clear, clear pictures. They made me drink more. And that comes from not drinking enough water everyday. Or any day, if you're me. I was scolded for it, too.

And, uh, the camera inside taking pictures? They'll be on my Christmas cards this year. It'll save me the trouble of trying to get the family altogether.

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