Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where on earth do I begin?

I could tell you that all of the Fort Worth schools are now closed until May 8th. I could tell you that I work for Lewisville ISD and two of our schools have now closed... one which contains my boss' four year old son. I could tell you that I'm praying that my district closes all of our schools as well.

But that's not news. That's just me. Close them all and give me some time off!

I think I'll tell you something different though. Something that involves pain, swelling and crutches. Oh, and me.

I was a tad late to work. I didn't want anyone to know, either. I was planning to slip into my meeting unnoticed. Incognito. Very quietly. Uh huh.

I didn't get too much further than the parking lot, though. It was there that some air jumped up and tackled my ankles and hurled me to the ground. Hard. Right in front of one of my other late co-worker's cars... as she was trying to pull into a parking spot. Uh, somebody got in the way. Yep, there I laid in her parking spot, all sprawled on the ground.

But I'll fast forward because the day only got better from there.

My crown (not on my head... that's a halo I'm sure) decided to come lose, too. I had the pleasure of sitting in a dentist chair this morning, listening to drills and suction noises... and that's where the dentist noticed that my ankle wasn't quite the shape it should be.

So... a spill, a dentist appointment, a trip to urgent care (when the school nurse said, "Get out of here! You need some medical attention!") and then a showing of the townhouse IN THE POURING RAIN!!!!

Oh, could the day have been any more memorable.

I am now crutched, booted, bandaged and my foot didn't even have the decency to break. It's just a sprain. Now that's humiliating.

So, here I sit. Foot propped up until May 6th. Armpits in the most pain of all... Can't stand. Can't do stairs. Can go to work. Ugh.

Now you see why I'm praying for my schools to all close?

I don't do crutches well.

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