Thursday, April 30, 2009


It appears I forgot to mention the reason for the school closures yesterday...

Pig Flu. Yep, we are under watch. Watching for pigs.

Here's the message that the Person Who Matters sent out today...

All Itinerant Staff,

As you know Hawk Valley is closing down because of one case (2 other possible) of swine flu. If you have been on that campus you need to go home until Monday. Please contact your supervisor to let them know you were at that campus this week.

All other staff; please limit your campus activities as much as possible for the next few days until we see where all of this is going. What that means is, try to stay at one to two campuses or at your office until at least Monday. Those who have 10, 12, 20, etc. campuses don't need to be going from campus to campus right now. If that is absolutely not possible, contact your supervisor to discuss this. And remember to wash hands immediately after you work with students. Call if you have concerns that we need to discuss.

Renee Jones, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Special Education

Uh, am I an 'itinerant?' Somehow that doesn't sound very flattering...

All Fort Worth schools (1 hour away) have closed based on one confirmed case of pig, I mean swine flu. AND NOW WE HAVE ONE CASE, TOO! Okay, I'll try not to let my excitement show too much. I don't work at Hawk Valley, but it is nearby. So... I'm hoping, hoping, hoping. Oh, I have great plans for the week off I'm going to get!!

If only I could run and jump and play.

If I do get a week off... I have great plans to elevate my foot.

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