Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I began this blog (this is actually my second one) a few years ago with the intent of being lighthearted and trying to find a way to laugh at the little things that happen around us everyday. I am never hurting for material! If you only knew my family...

Lately - and I apologize for this - life has gotten a little bit serious. I haven't lost my lighthearted spirit... but I just feel like humor, the wrong kind of humor, is inappropriate at the moment. Well, not inappropriate, but just misplaced.

Many of us are sitting by the phone... waiting. Or sitting beside a bedside... waiting. No one is sad for what's about to happen, but we are sad because we will all miss a dear friend.

BUT... knowing Nancy as I do... I know she would want humor to continue. Nancy is all about humor. In fact, Nancy is hysterical. And I mean ABSOLUTELY no disrespect by this, but I think Nancy would get a kick out of all of us sitting by the phone and then receiving word that all is well. Nancy would be the first one to laugh.

So... in trying to go forward with life, I'm going to post a funny. Just a wee little funny... but one Nancy would enjoy.

And I now I have to confess a funny thing I did today... I went to post an update about Nancy and darn if I didn't send it to her work... only. Gee, I hope she gets it.

And a little P.S... Happy 18th birthday Dear Elizabeth!

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Karla said...

Thank you Kris!
The lightheartedness is greatly appreciated. I have been so sad lately on the verge of tears all the time. It is good to be able to smile! Karla