Friday, May 8, 2009

Nancy update

Okay prayer warriors! Step up! We need you this weekend.

Nancy (friend since 1976, when we were both in kindergarten) is in the hospital. She was rushed there at 3:00 am this morning when she could not breathe. She is battling lung cancer and one of her lungs had filled back up with fluid. This is episode number three of lung fluid, but this is the first time that she had to be carted off to the hospital at that ungodly time of night.

She will come out of this (according to her husband) but I'm sure some extra prayers wouldn't hurt her none. (That was atrocious English, but I'm too tired to go back and fix it.)

Anyway, she is having a "pic line" installed so that a vein is easier to find for the next time she needs it. And she'll be having a permanent lung drain put in so that it won't keep trying to fill up. I guess the lung thinks it's a camel.

And yes, I'm making light of a very serious situation. But I have to. It helps me to get through this as well.

Pray, okay?

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