Sunday, May 10, 2009

Someone else needs to lay off the M&Ms

Midnight has been putting on some weight lately... no thanks to Rick.

This is Midnight, seen here where her neck billows out of her collar. We haven't been feeding her any more than usual, maybe a few more treats here and there, but she runs a lot less when we let her out into the backyard. Could be that she's getting older, could be that she's getting lazier, but I'm betting it's because Rick and she have a very special relationship... M&M for you, two for me. Two M&Ms for you, three for me.

And hopefully no more for Kris.

Here, she's telling me that she's not happy that I'm telling her secret. I get it Midnight. Stop glaring at me.

This is Jeannie... She's been into the M&M's too, I'm afraid.


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