Sunday, June 14, 2009

Adult dining

Eating dinner with my 18 year old daughter tonight... caused me to look across the table at her and really realize she was 18. 18.... EIGHTEEN!! When did this happen????

People says things like that all the time... "when did my baby grow up?" "boy do I feel old!" "wasn't she in kindergarten just yesterday?"

I never said stuff like that. I've always been happy that my child had reached that certain age. That she was 12 or 15 or 17. Or 5. I never felt old. I always felt pleased that we had gotten her to that certain age, alive. She tossed us a few challenges in her lifetime.

But tonight was different. She suddenly looked 18. She suddenly seemed like an adult. And I suddenly felt very old.

I no longer have a baby. And I am probably on vacation with my baby for the last time.

Where is the little girl I carried??? Name that tune.

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