Saturday, June 13, 2009

Here's something else that makes no sense...

Why is "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" still in existence at Disneyland?

They routinely pull other attractions down and then build new ones. I used to love "Carousel of Progress." Gone. And there were some great flying saucers on a suctioned piece of ground when I was a kid. Gone. Flight to the Moon, gone. People Mover, gone. (Okay, I can understand that one.) The sky ride, gone. And about a billion more come to mind, too. All gone.

Then they go and build the "Winnie the Pooh" ride. They build "Honey, I shrunk the audience." They build the "Aladdin" show. None of those are noteworthy. And what's with "Innoventions?" Who needs that?

I don't get it. Keep the good ones, dump the bad ones. And while I'm at it, "The Country Bear Jamboree" can go, too.

But why on earth would "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" still be here? I didn't notice a line. I didn't see tons of people clamoring to get in. I'm almost positive it was never an E Ticket ride...

And I'm sure not going to use up a fast pass to see him.

No disrespect intended towards Mr. Lincoln... but really, if the ride went down for rehab, would anyone notice? Elizabeth says that she'd go see him. But I think that would be just to bug me. I'm not sure she even knows who he is!

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