Friday, June 12, 2009

Just sitting here flying around the country...

Still in Southern California, trying to work it out so that I don't have to fly home on Friday, just to turn around and fly back out here on Monday for the funeral on Tuesday and then fly home again on Wednesday. They don't make it easy on us travelers.

We are supposed to check out of our hotel tomorrow morning... and catch a 5:30 pm flight out of the John Wayne airport headed for DFW at 10:30 pm. That was the original plan. Spend a week in So Cal, visit Disneyland, see the graduation. Head home on Friday night. And so would end my little vacation with Elizabeth. This was her present for her 18th birthday.

Obviously plans changed. Who knew that Nancy would become so ill... Who knew that Nancy would pass away right in the middle? Who knew that the funeral couldn't be held until the following week... allowing for all the out-of-towners to get into town?

And who knew that it would be cheaper to book a complete 'nother package with Travelocity... than to just book a one way flight home next week? Yeesh!!

So... our vacation continues.

On paper, we should be returning home tomorrow and flying back out on Monday. On paper, it makes sense. But why would we do that when a) I hate to fly - try to forget that I was once a flight attendant and that above statement makes very little sense - and b) we are already here??!!

But financially, it really is cheaper to book another trip. And so I am. On paper, I'll be boarding another plane in Texas tomorrow night... and checking into the same hotel that I am sitting in right now. In reality, I'll be in Solvang.

And that makes no sense, either... but actually, nothing in life makes a whole bunch of sense right now.

What REALLY doesn't make sense is Disneyland closing at 6:00 pm tonight... for grad night... which doesn't even start until 10:30.

I wonder if I should've used Ray Hoyt's name there, too?

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