Saturday, June 27, 2009

Breaking out on my own

I've been cooped up with the whole fam damily for four days straight. Four LONG days.

Today I'm flying the coop. Headin' out. Jumpin' in the car and headin' to Bakersfield. Seein' friends. Paintin' the town... red? I can't even remember what color I'm supposed to paint the town.

Bakersfield, you ask? Yes, Bakersfield. This is the trip that initiated the whole California vacation. This is the trip that I was supposed to go on with Nancy. She and I were to head north to Bakersfield where Karla lives and meet up with all of my old college friends for a weekend of fun and frolic, food and fantasia, freedom and folly. Maybe even ferociousness. Fascination? Don't stop me now... I'm on a roll. F words are just flyin' at me.

Okay, I've now run out of F words. I've run out of Nancy, too. I'll be heading to B.Field alone.

I'm okay with it though because I need to break away from the man who forgot his coat, even though he was headed to Alaska. And I need to break away from a certain teenaged daughter who can't tear herself away from our TV and her cell phone. And may I add that that cell phone never stops a-dingin'. I'll be happy to run away from it.

So off I go. Alone. Missing Nancy but open to all that this little side trip will bring. Food, frolic, fun, frivolousness... sigh.

It isn't right. Nancy is supposed to be with me.

But, I'm off.

And I really do need this trip... because I've just realized that my family and I have only been cooped up together for THREE days. It only seems like four.

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