Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank you, Juanita!

Elizabeth was only a small child when I worked at Warner Bros. Studios. She has very little recollection of the 14 years that I spent there and the stories that I told her. Stories of me and George Clooney hanging out. Me and Brooke Shields eating frozen yogurt together. Me and the entire cast of Friends dining in the Warner Bros. commisary.

All of these things really happened... however, most of the people I was "with" didn't know I was with them. They were actually a few tables, a few booths, a few spaces away from me.

But still.

On Wednesday, Elizabeth had the thrill of her life. She had a personal tour of the WB lot by an old friend of mine. Not an old friend... but an old friend. And we dined in the WB commisary.

Why is that still exciting to me?

Thank you, Juanita! We had the time of our lives. And the best part? We didn't have to head back to work afterwards! We got to just take it all in at our own pace.

Now Elizabeth is determined to work in entertainment. If for no other reason that to get to eat in that commisary again. And if she ever makes it into entertainment? I'm okay with it. If she makes a lot of money... she can buy me a big house.

In Beverly Hills.

Nothing too elaborate needed.

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