Monday, June 1, 2009


I will be, should be, might be officially out of the boot on Friday. And just in time... it's the last day of school, too.

My last (hopefully) appointment with the ol' foot doctor is this Friday. In the morning. First thing. Yee haw!

Now, getting out of the boot should be a big deal, right? 'Cept, to be completely honest, I've cheated and I've been out of it several times already. Usually I come running back to it though. Well not running... but a slow gallop. Whatever you call it, I usually beg for it to jump back on my foot. And caress my aching arch.

I'm not completely positive that I'll get an A+ at my next dr. visit... but I do know this. That I won't be wearing these ever again.

But these are okay, right?

And the boot? Even if I do get dismissed from my boot on Friday? I have a Disneyland date next week. The boot and I will become friends again on that day.

Oh, you're thinking that I will wear the boot to protect my precious tootsies? Ha! I'm thinking that it'll get me onto the rides faster!! I'll suddenly become as gimpy as I can... if it'll get me to the head of the line at Space Mountain!

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