Sunday, May 31, 2009

School Daze

We have had a heck of a time lately trying to get my daughter out of high school. She turned 18 this week and that alone is quite an accomplishment. But getting her out of high school and into college is a task that I don't wish on anyone.

Elizabeth Courtney Kahle is a bright girl... but her grades do not reflect it. Give that girl an aptitude test and she aces it. But ask her to do homework... and, well, that's another story.

But since we are one week (ONE WEEK!) away from that long-awaited graduation, I decided to peek in at her grades online. I ask repeatedly for her to show me her report cards and I might as well be telling her to eat liver. It doesn't get done. Progress reports (which she routinely gets, but shouldn't...) are the same story. You just ain't gonna see one.

So in I peek. And was I ever surprised!

With the ever present threat of her not graduating (she was always on SOME list for something - not turning in a library book, missing too many days, owing money for her cap and gown, etc.) and the failing of one of her favorite classes (US History) last semester... I just had to know. Were we going to her graduation or not? Were we having that party with the big sandwich or not? Did I buy a cap and gown for nothing?

I could stand it no more and peeked in tonight.

English 4 - B
Photo Journalism 2 - C
American Sign Language 2 - A-
US History - B- (Had to be at least a C to graduate)
Economics - A
Special Topic: American Wars 1 - A

I was shocked! My child is going to graduate after all!!!!!!

And what the heck are those two classes at the end of the list? Economics and American Wars? AND SHE GOT A's????

Yeesh. The kid is bright after all.

And we'll be gettin' the big sandwich on Saturday!

That is, if she pays her cafeteria fee...

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