Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Morning

I awoke this morning to voices in my kitchen. I couldn't believe Rick was entertaining guests so early. What was it? 7:00? AM? Geesh.

I listened intently, trying to figure out who was here.

"Today is Saturday. We've got a lot to get done today. And the A/C is out at the townhouse so I've got to get over there and let the repairman in."

Okay, so it wasn't the repairman in our kitchen. Who could it be?

"And Elizabeth is working today, both at Curves and the restaurant. Maybe we'll go over there tonight and catch dinner with her."

Not hearing the other voice that he was talking to, I started to think he was on the phone... but it was awfully early to be calling someone... especially on a Saturday morning.

"I need to pick up some paper cups and don't let me forget to get charcoal for the barbecue. We've got a lot of guests coming next Saturday."


"Now remember... the sprinklers go off tonight at 6:00. So you'll have to eat dinner early and get back inside."

Baffled, I got up to see who was listening to Rick go on and on about his day... And there I saw it.

Midnight. Lying peacefully on the kitchen floor, looking up at her master as he spilled out the day's events to her. She was a very good audience.

I went back to bed.

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