Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just sitting here eating bon bons...

We're all set for graduation. We're all set for graduation. We're all set for graduation. I keep telling myself that because maybe I'll come to believe it... We're all set for...

Yeesh. That's how you spell stress. Y-E-E-S-H.

I forgot to pull out the food I baked and froze. I'm praying it will thaw in time.

Maids came but seem to have forgotten to clean the kitchen. I wouldn't really know, though, because all of the living room and family room furniture is pushed in there from the carpet cleaning. And how nice... they left it all for me to push back.

Which brings me to another point... why is the carpet soaking wet? Why didn't Rick have the guys come that do the dry cleaning?

And why did I bring home so much work to do from work today? What on earth was I thinking? And do I really plan on doing it? Uh, no.

I'm not stressed, I'm not stressed, I'm not stressed. That's the mantra I should be singing... BECAUSE WE'RE NOT ALL SET FOR GRADUATION!

That said, I need to tell you that I will be giving a Nancy update later tonight. I've been asked how she's doing and I do need to tell you all where my head is with that. I'll leave you with this... Nancy is still with us and resting comfortably.

And thanks for asking.

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