Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One step further away from graduation...

The table arrived today and I don't know who was more excited... Rick or the dog. Rick is thrilled because he is tired of eating dinner at a little wobbly TV tray in the family room. The dog is excited because she has some privacy again. She liked sleeping under the old table most likely feeling like it was her own little domain. Her own little condo. But lately she's been forced to sleep in the center of the kitchen floor, exposed to us and our late hours. Well, late for her. She goes to bed around 7:30. And she lets us know when we are keeping her up.

So all is well. New table, maids scheduled for tomorrow, carpet cleaners coming in right after.

There is just one little problem now.

My daughter missed her graduation practice today. And the school is none too pleased about it. They want to ban her from graduation.

I tell you that child has given us nothing but grief this year. Getting her out of high school will be the biggest accomplishment of my life. Honest!

Why did she miss it, you ask?

It was a chain reaction of events that give you a glimpse of just who she is.

Her birthday was last week. She had no idea (even though this happened last year, too) that she had to renew her driver's license before her birthday. She casually mentioned this to her parents last night... who both hit the ceiling.

You see, we are coming back to California on Monday. And to get on that plane, she needs her driver's license. Or a picture ID. Even a school ID. But she never bothered to get her school ID. So she will have to have her license... which expired last week.

Rick sent her to the DMV today. She chose to go right after school, thinking she'd be back in time for her graduation practice... because it always only takes just a few moments at the DMV, right? NOT.

Once out of the DMV, Liz got turned around and headed out to East Texas. Instead of to her graduation practice.

Like father, like daughter. Remember the Arkansas story?

We'll be at her high school tomorrow morning, begging on bended knee for them to forgive my "directionally challenged" daughter (I stole that from Felice!) and let her graduate.

We may never get to eat that big Subway sandwich...

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