Sunday, June 21, 2009

shopping.... shopping... shopping... etc.

Elizabeth had exactly ONE day to get herself prepared for our next trip. Me? Five days. Not that I would behave and use all five days properly. Nope, not me. But Elizabeth had no choice.

So Friday comes... and off we go. To shop our brains out. I am now brainless. Maybe I've always been.

We hit Target and cleaned out their swimsuit department. Never mind that we are going to Alaska. That didn't seem to register with Elizabeth. We bought new sunglasses... because, uh, it's sunny in 42 degree weather? We also bought flip flops and beach cover ups. We are spending one day in Newport Beach. All those flip flops will come in handy... then.

We both have jeans galore, tops to match, undies, dresses, jackets, shorts, tennies, CDs, DVDs, popcorn, magazines, even a flag. Hey, we know how to pack light.

I found a printer, too. I needed that. Really.

Also in our bags are groceries that we don't need, since we'll be gone for awhile... and an assortment of highlighters and sharpies that we'll never need. But hey, they were on sale. Found some placemats, too. I'll need those on my trip. Won't I?

The list goes on and on and on. You'd think I'd just won the lottery. I didn't though. But now I'll need to.

And for Rick? Uh, nothing. Didn't find squat for him. Poor guy.

It's a good thing it's not Father's Day...

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