Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still shopping...

Today Rick asked me where his razor was. He doesn't shave everyday because his wife (that would be me) likes the rugged look. And I think he likes not having to do it everyday. So it isn't that unusual that he wouldn't know where his razor was... yet.

It IS unusual that he also didn't know where his toothbrush was. Or his toothpaste or his snore stuff. Or... or... or... Hmmm.

Guess who's hitting up a Target today?

Guess who's finding a Burlington Coat Factory today as well?

Ya know... it has never been known to be WARM in Alaska. So those 22 tee shirts and 8 pairs of shorts you brought may not be the best choice. And that windbreaker? Probably not gonna work on all those glacier tours.

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