Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If I go on vacation next summer

will someone please deck me? I have flown on all the planes I want to fly on for a long time. And this particular trip? One down, three more to go.

I've also driven about all of the rental cars I want to drive in for the rest of my life.

And speaking of rental cars... guess what lovely thing I was told today! That I overpacked. Yep, told that by the man at the Budget car rental counter. I rented a Mustang and left the counter to go get my luggage. Suddenly I heard a man yelling my name. "Krees! Krees!" I whipped my head around to see my friend, the Budget man coming towards me and pointing at the suitcases that I had just pulled off of the conveyor belt.

"These all yours?" I nodded. "Well, these won't fit in Mustang."

Great. You mean my six TINY little suitcases won't fit in the convertable Mustang that I had ordered especially for Elizabeth? Especially to blow my hair back as I breeze down the 5 freeway? You mean the wheelchair I brought for Rick won't fit, either? I thought it would look cool popping out the top of the Mustang.

Mr. Budget Man made me exchange my beautiful sea mist colored Mustang for a dirty ol' SUV. One that would haul my little ol' luggage. 20 days worth of luggage. Whaddya mean it won't fit in that little Mustang???


I'm so tired of rental cars.

But I do love the weather in Southern California! 70 degrees? Compared to Texas' 102 degrees? Worth every plane ride and rental car I had to endure.

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