Monday, August 24, 2009

GPS Man strikes again...

With one car in the shop and both Rick and I needing to get to work today... at different times... the only option was for Rick to drop me off.

Rick suggested that I drop him at a donut shop and he'd then call one of his coworkers to pick him up there. But I thought that he could just take the car and deliver me to my school.

That was the worst possible idea I could've come up with. Did I forget who drove to Arkansas trying to find the WalMart just several blocks from our house? Did I totally forget that the man is directionally challenged? Do I have a brain at all?

Apparently not.

Rick dropped me off and before I sent him on his way to his work, I gave him a little map and set up the GPS on my car. And I pointed him in the right direction. And I made sure he knew that ONE BLOCK AWAY he was to turn right... to get back on the main road.

Well, to make a long, long story short... he wound up darn near his sister's house about a half hour away. Actually a full hour away, the way he drives. Really about twenty miles away. And NO WHERE near his work.

And my cell phone rang off the hook for the first hour of my day while I tried to talk him back to civilization.

And then... believe it or not... I got a call from my daughter. It was her first day of college and she was lost and could I talk her to the campus... because somehow she missed the offramp.

Is it me? Or am I just related to people who really shouldn't be allowed out on the roads...

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