Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So, I went and visited the townhouse...

... and I'm sold. I had to hold myself back from writing the guy a check right then and there. Not that I would've done that. Not that I could've done that.

The only problem with the little townhouse was that I LOVED it. For me. It wasn't necessarily a place that would be easy to rent like the one I already own. That one has three bedrooms with one of them down. This one has two bedrooms upstairs.

And with my knees? I'd find myself sleeping on the couch downstairs most nights, I'm sure.

But then... IT'S NOT FOR YOU, KRIS!

Oh yeah. Got carried away there.

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Katie said...

What about the place you SHOULD buy in Long beach? East Long Beach? And I'm coming to Texas in October, only I have to go to Houston.