Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maybe I was wrong...

Right after Elizabeth's accident, she seemed... unaffected. She went out to lunch, she went out with her friends. She seemed to just joke it off. I didn't put too much stock into it because I know her, but it was an odd reaction.

Others viewed it the same way. Well, no thanks to me probably. And they joked with her about it.

But here's the truth. On Facebook.

Liz posted this:
Elizabeth Kahle will earn the privilege of driving her new car in exactly 9 hours and 40 minutes.

It was followed by this response from our friend Julie:
They are going to actually let you behind the wheel of another vehicle? What are they thinking??!!!

I thought it was funny. Others thought it was funny. Liz took it a little differently.

She posted:
Elizabeth Kahle
Sorry Julie, I don't find that funny. I have learned more than enough lessons from the accident I know I caused. I could have killed someone or myself, and I fully understand that. I have paid fines, attended defensive driving, and apologized to everyone that I caused to suffer as a result of my carelessness and irresponsibility. And yes, they are letting me behind the wheel of another vehicle, they don't give lifetime restrictions to 18 year olds on cell phones.

Julie posted back:
Julie was only a JOKE!! Lighten up girl!!

I liked reading what Liz wrote, even though I do think she brought all the lightheartedness on herself. She appeared to take it all so lightly so that's what others picked up on. However, she really took it quite hard.

She is back to driving now and she did complete the driving course that I insisted she take.

This was posted shortly after by our friend Neil:
Congrats Eliz on the new car. Way to bounce back! It's great in life to go from the depths of a valley to the top of a mountain. Now careful, please. take care, and blessings to you.

And only time will tell if Elizabeth is on top of her game again. We pray she is. And I really do think she has learned some valuable lessons from this.

Invaluable lessons, actually.


Elizabeth said...

:) All the ads on the side of your page are for car insurance quotes and who to call in case of an accident.

- Kris - said...

That's rather funny! I guess if this ever happens again, I'll head right to this website!

Karla said...

Elizabeth did promise me that she would never drive and use her cell phone ever again.