Thursday, August 13, 2009


The picture to the left over there is of me (duh) but it's a few years old. 14 in fact. I don't love posing for pictures. In fact, our family vacations usually look like I didn't even go. (Sometimes I wish I hadn't!)

I'm forever searching for a good picture of me and sadly, none exist. Maybe I should step in front of the camera more. That might actually produce a picture of me, eh? (I've just been to Canada so I can say 'eh'.) It might even produce a decent one of me. But why would I want to risk it not doing that?

My buddy Tamara knows nothing of my search for a decent picture. But coincidentally, she just found one. And let me know via email.

Here's her message:

You look like a modern day Lynda Carter aka Wonderwoman...

Go to Herbie's blog ( and go way down the pictures on the right hand side ... you will see what I mean. Her smile and her eyes are you exactly!!!! Pretty Krissies!

Well, I've never looked like Lynda Carter a day in my life. But I humored Tamara and checked it out.

My first thought was... you're crazy! Then I started to like the idea. Then I decided that I liked the idea so much, that I'm going to use this picture of me... I mean, Lynda Carter, everywhere that I need a photo of me.

I wrote Tamara back:

This one?

She wrote back:

Yes, yes, YES! That one. It looks so much like you!! Her eyes and her smile. Do you see it?

So, what dooya think? Does it look like me?

I hope so, because it's going to go on my next driver's license. And passport.

Maybe I could steal Lynda Carter's whole identity! She'd never miss those little blue-starred shorts...

And I've never looked so good!

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Unknown said...

You are so funny!! Glad I could be of service. lol