Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sucker. And then again, not.

Elizabeth found a car online that she could not live without. And since the insurance company has settled with us on an amount for the previous car I felt it might be okay to start looking. START looking. Not run right out and buy the first car you see!

But that's pretty much what happened. Liz absolutely could not live without a certain Sebring Convertible that she saw at CarMax. And I agreed to take her there to look at this car, knowing that she wouldn't like it once she saw it. Well, one of us wouldn't anyway. That person would be me. Because Liz was in love.

It would take every penny of the insurance company's settlement money plus require Liz to finance an additional $3,000 to get this car. And a full FIVE HOURS later, we were signing our lives away.

Liz is now the proud owner of a gold Sebring Convertible. 2003. Fully loaded.

However... I made it clear on the day of the accident that Liz would not drive again until she took some driver refresher courses. And I mean't it. And Rick was on her for two weeks to take care of that. But she didn't.

So... there is a gold Sebring Convertible sitting in Fort Worth. Paid for. Just waiting for someone to bring it home. Yes, this car DID NOT come home with us tonight. Nor will it come home until I find a different driver to help me out.

Was Elizabeth happy? Take a guess. She could not believe that I would do that to her. Separate her from her true love. Separate her from a little gold convertible that she was going to love, honor and cherish until death they did part. Separate her from a car that she herself bought.

I am so mean.

And yet, not.


Anonymous said...

Not mean enough.

Katie said...

You are so wise! I admire you for sticking to it. That's the hardest part...