Thursday, September 10, 2009

almost sold on ebay

My Uncle Al's ring. Gold nugget. 2 diamonds. Mean't absolutely nothing to me. I took pictures of this ring back in January of 2008 with the intention of selling it on ebay. What did I know? Nada.

Thank goodness I procrastinated. Thank goodness I decided to hold on to it until I really knew what I wanted to do with it. Thank goodness... yeah, yeah, yeah. No more comments needed.

The larger diamond in the gold nugget ring created this. A 2 karat solitaire!

I think I need lotion.

Another view. I still need lotion.

Okay, this photo really shows how dumb I am. I almost sold this little beauty.

The "smaller" diamond in my uncle's ring created this pendant. Also almost sold on ebay. Now I'm in the market for a better chain. I'm thinking that one little tug on this lightweight chain might send this necklace down the toilet, too.

Just another glimpse of what I wore on my finger all day today. And what I'll be putting away shortly. I just don't know if I can justify $14,000 on my grubby little finger!

What my uncle's ring looks like now. And yes, it's listed on ebay. Sans diamonds.


Just pulled the gold diamondless ring off of ebay. Rick found a little store that buys gold in our town and took it in to have it appraised. The store owner offered him $410. We took it. Sorry ebay. The one bidder I had nearly got this for $51.00. Because I am stupid.

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