Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lori is energetic today!

Lori, my friend Lori from Fresno, decided to get a few things accomplished today. I am so proud of her I could just bust!

"So I loaded the dishwasher and semi-cleaned the counter and I STILL have a sink full of dirty dishes and pot and pans on the is that possible??

"I've watched Giada, Rachel and the Contessa on TV and I still don't know how to cook. Its 1:30 and I'm thinkin' since I DID get up at 9:30 I'm due for a nap....whatcha think?

"Oh....AND I'm eating ice cream right out of the carton. There wasn't enough in it to dirty a bowl...Lord knows I have enough dirty dishes. Bad enough I had to dirty a spoon."

Anyone out there have a job for Lori? I'm thinking that if she's off any longer, the whole house might just get cleaned!

The next day brought this news...

"OK... I am determined to accomplish something today so I am going to start in Ruth's room.
The task will be to rid the room of garbage, and collect things for a future garage sale. If I am not heard from by the end of the day... please call 911 and file a missing person's report.....thank you."

I did check on her once, when I hadn't heard from her in awhile. I had visions of her lying in a mound of toys in Ruth's room... stuffed panda bears and giraffes eating her alive. Or maybe sitting on the floor, too contorted to stand up, playing a game of Twister by herself. Then suddenly I saw this:

"I have surfaced! I think I put in a good 2 hours and have about 1/2 of the floor picked up. I say 1/2 because I haven't gotten to under the bed OR the closet. One container of garage sale items and 1 1/2 bags of trash and one heaping laundry basket."

I can only imagine the dent that that didn't even make in Ruth's room.

I'll let you know when the garage sale is and we can all go over and Christmas shop together...

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Karla said...

My house is the same way. I need an intervention!