Tuesday, September 15, 2009

taco bell

I had one of my usual lunches today. I also had a very typical experience getting it, too.

I drove through the local Taco Bell and ordered a "Fiesta Chicken Burrito with no pico de gallo, please." Simple enough. I didn't make the order too complicated. I didn't think, anyway.

Got up to the window, paid my money, got my food and headed back to work. On my way back I bit into the cheesiest, soupiest, sloppiest thing of a burrito I'd ever had. It was NOT the Fiesta Chicken Burrito with no pico de gallo.

And since I'm watching my calories at the moment, I turned the car around and headed back. I didn't want to put that cheesy thing on my thighs.

Walked into Taco Bell and politely asked for the correct burrito. The manager scolded the food preparer, saw that I had been given the grilled chicken burrito, announced that I should now be given the Fiesta Chicken Burrito with no pico de gallo, took my current burrito, tossed it into the trash and within a few minutes I was handed a new burrito.

Stupidly I headed back to work. Stupidly I trusted that my life was in order now. Studpidly I took a bite out of my new burrito. Pico de gallo was running out both ends of this burrito.

I do not like pico de gallo. I drove back. I walked in. The manager sighed a deep sigh. I handed him the new burrito and said, "this time, no pico de gallo, please." He scolded his food preparer - who was glaring at me - and within a few moments I was handed the correct burrito. The food preparer girl handed it to me herself. She slapped it into my hand and said, "No. Pico. De. Gallo."

And off I drove. With a bean and cheese burrito...

But no pico de gallo. She was true to her word.

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