Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back to work

After a week off, I am now headed back to work. After a glorious week off!

But all is not lost. I have missed my work. Really.

I've missed the abundance of space that I work in. And the glamorous office that I reside in. No, really.

I couldn't be happier. Nor safer. Seriously.

Take a look at what's in my office. I haven't called the fire marshall yet because I love my job, I love my job, I love my job. No, seriously.

But I do want to show you the lovely working environment that I have.

No really.

These wires are safe, right?

Lots of plugs in the wall to accomodate...

... all these wires.

LOTS of plugs in this, too.

And I feel really, really safe with this just below my feet.


Here's a better view. I just can't get enough of the safety features in this office.

And there's plenty of space on my desk, too.

Gone are the days when I had a luxurious office with one thing on the desk. Now I'm lucky if I can even SEE the desk!


Welcome back, Kris.

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