Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Night

This is a big night for me. A big one.

And all that means is that I can't eat tonight. Can't drink, either. So I'm gonna be one hungry, thirsty, deprived gal in 24 hours....

I'm having surgery on Tuesday. At 9:30.

Simple surgery. One day surgery. To remove some parts that I've been begging to have removed for oh, six months? And the time is finally here.

If you are a praying person, please do so. I don't like to be anesthetized. I don't like to go under, either. I just plain don't like surgery. Or surgical procedures. Or hospitals. Or hospital gowns. Or hospital beds.

Or doctors.

Heck, I'd rather just stay home.

But then I'd be right back where I started. Complaining that I'd like to have surgery.

There's no pleasing some people, huh?

Pray for me and I'll reward you greatly. With all the gory details tomorrow. Okay, just pray. I'll skip the details.

Gosh I'm gonna miss all those wires in my office. Actually, that's the best part of this surgery... not having to wonder when my office is gonna blow up!


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