Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It’s cold here, and it’s about to get colder.

Tonight, a small gust of air is supposed to blow in. A small gust, known as a blizzard.

The newsmen say that this freeze is set to arrive after midnight on Thursday. We sat around at work today trying to figure out if "after midnight" mean't tonight... or tomorrow night. When exactly IS "after midnight on Thursday?"

Either way, we are hunkering down tonight. Our outdoor faucets are all wearing little sweaters and styrofoam hats. And our kitchen cabinet doors are all open... allowing the warm air from the house to prevent freezing to all outside wall pipes. Or something like that.

Friday is supposed to be in the teens, which likely doesn’t faze those of you reading this who live in Maine and Maryland. I don't know anyone in Minnesota, but they're probably not fazed either. The folks in the frozen plains of Antarctica could probably care less, too.

But this cold weather DOES faze me. Have I mentioned lately that I'm from Southen California?

I'd even venture a guess that this frost very much fazes the cattle in Oklahoma... Fortunately, God gave them thick hides, natural shelter, and the body heat of their fellow bovines to get them through it.

We humans don’t have hides. We humans are pansies.

And I’m a pansy. I love the beach. I love the sunshine. I do love warm coats though... but only if I can wear them in the springtime. Or summer. THAT'S when coats were made for, right?

I might even like a little bit of a chill if our house weren't on the drafty side. But it is. Just ask everyone who came to our house for Christmas dinner. My dining room table is by windows. And... it snowed that day. Hence, we had a cold, cold Christmas. And a too cold Christmas dinner. No matter how many times I heated up that ham.

My jeans and flip flops aren't cutting it tonight. I am going to have to look for alternate ways to stay warm: a constant fire in the fireplace… the Snuggie that my husband gave me for Christmas... which I'm no longer embarrassed to wear... and my space heater. Actually that should be space heaterS. Plural. We now have one going in every room.

I sure wish my black rabbit full length coat would arrive. I'd hate to have to skin Elizabeth's cat.

Then again...


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