Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Coat Arrived!

And just in time for our frost! Well, it's not a frost, more like a FREEZE! but with sunshine. In fact, have you seen what 18 degrees looks like?

Who would've known? I sure thought 18 degrees looked a little bit more... white? Like with snow and stuff?

Let me show you the coat I bought. And have now received.

It was listed in the auction as this:
STUNNING Black Rabbit Fur Coat

It doesn't really look like rabbit fur in this photo, but rest assured it is. And is it ever soft! But stunning? I'm not so sure.

I had a lot of competition to fight with ... Bid history: 1 bid

Uh, I won.

But maybe I'd like this one better...

You like this little white number?

Or would I look better in red?

It's not flashy at all... I'd look real pretty at night on those corners.

And, look!! I can even get one for Midnight!


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