Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Twenty Oh Nine - Two Thousand and Nine... 2009

My friend Katie has just posted a great entry on her blog - Hygge Hut

She posted all that she learned in 2009… and it was a lot. I’m not sure I learned that much. Certainly not as much as her… but just for fun, I want to see. To amuse myself.

So… deep breath inserted here… here goes.

By Henry Gibson. I mean, Kris Kahle.

2009 was a long year. There were no longer years than 2009.

Christmas snuck up on us fast.

You can fly to California four times and rack up lots of free miles… and still not have enough when you want to take a vacation.

I hate plane rides (they’re too long).

You can survive the death of a close friend… but you’ll never get over the fact that the only person who knew you inside and out isn't around anymore to laugh at the old memories with you.

Owning diamonds is fun.

Inheriting diamonds is funner.

And inheriting big diamonds suddenly makes smaller diamonds look like chips.

You can get bored with all diamonds. But you can never pass up a jewelry store with flashy diamonds in the window.

When your daughter calls saying she’s just been in a car accident, you find the strength to be on the scene in just moments… in your pajamas. And you won’t even care.

I really can lose 22 pounds in a year.

I really do believe that I can lose more, too.

I know I am strong.

I’m tired of crying at silly little tv commercials with kittens in them.

I like the house I live in. I also like everyone else’s house, even better.

I am STILL shopping for “the perfect home.”

I don’t like snow.

I hate snow, even.

I miss the ocean.

I’ll always like Disneyland…
and maybe this is the right time to tell you that I’m going again in two weeks?

Never say never... 'cuz it just ain't so. Time has a way of making "never" possible again.

Time flies by more quickly when you're in your 50s. Which I am. And I can admit it now.

I don't think I learned anything else last year. I think it's time to learn even more stuff this year.



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